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Can I contribute articles or random ideas for Tech Debt?

Yes! We always need material to laugh at during our high-powered executive board meetings. If you’re really interested, either DM us on Twitter or email us at to start a conversation about your ideas or drafts.

What if I have feedback?

We recommend keeping it to yourself, or posting an angry opinion piece somewhere publicly.

Can I send you Hate mail?

Yes, all hate mail goes into our backlog. Our PO will eventually bring it out for us to discuss for 20 minutes before shelving it at the bottom of the backlog again.

Can I support you generating more garbage content in the future?

Heck yeah you can. We have a Ko-Fi if you want to give money to an awful cause.

What if I want to sue you?

Please don’t. As The Onion mentions, “The First Amendment protects satire aas a form of free speech and expression.” Like them, any use of real names other than public figures is acccidental. Plus, if you sue us, I think you’ll find we don’t have anything to give you except broken promises and terrible articles.

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