Apple Slaps Logo on Rock, Sets Price at $500

  • 25 July 2021
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Apple branded rock, now available starting at $499

Today Apple announced the newest product in their ever-evolving ecosystem, the Apple Rock. With the base model starting at $499, users can be sure they will finally have a rock that will integrate perfectly with all their other Apple products. Apple’s CEO, when asked what they see as the advantage of their product responded, “Never before has a company offered a completely compatible set of rocks that are accessible for the whole family. The kids can get their rock in a flashy color of their choosing, and mom and dad can get the Pro models for their more demanding lifestyles. Never has it been easier to get your hands on the family stones”. Avid enthusiasts are eager to get their rocks off shelves when the Apple Rock becomes available this fall. Android users should not fret, however, as there are rumors of competing rocks from the likes of Google and Samsung, presumably also without the headphone jack.

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