Big-titted Anime Girl Poster Always Visible In Developer's Zoom Background

  • 24 August 2021
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After uncomfortably shifting during a company wide all-hands meeting, remote employee Aidan Hangus once again flashed the whole organization the big-titted anime poster girl on his wall. Even though Mr. Hangus always uses a background to hide his walls and peculiar tastes, the poster still finds a way to stay visible. The poster showing the female lead from the ecchi anime, My Crazy Landlady, has been the talk of the organization and a huge hit with Aidan’s colleagues.

“Man, the only thing that gets me through meetings lately is jumping on a call with Aidan and seeing that gargantuan poster of this big-titted anime girl,” said on member of his team. However, some of his colleagues are not so comfortable with the massive asset. Some of Aidan’s colleagues cited reasons such as casual misogyny and unfair beauty standards as reasons for not liking the poster, others had different qualms. “A real fan of the series would know that Landlady-sensei is not even the best girl in the harem. Maid-sama is the obvious best girl,” said a fellow My Crazy Landlady aficionado. Regardless of where one stands on the issue, the poster is captivating and impossible to ignore.

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