LGTM: Dev Has Already Abandoned New Year's Resolution to Actually Read PRs

  • 14 January 2022
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Just a few days into January, Staff Engineer Carol Watts has already abandoned her New Year’s Resolution to actually read some of the PRs sent her way. This was her 3rd year attempting the monumental feat. “Look, I really gave it an honest shot this time, and I made it a week longer than last year! But c’mon, they keep sending me PRs with 50 files and 1,000 changes. My eyes just glaze over.” Carol was adamant she had made significant efforts to help others understand better practices, like changing her Slack status to say No big PRs please and quietly whispering “Fuck” at each PR before writing LGTM and merging. “It sucks that the concise, well-written PRs have to suffer in all this - but you know what they say, the squeakiest wheel makes all the wheels get ignored.”

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