Dev Only Reads Pornhub API Docs for the Articles

  • 07 February 2022
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Local developer Richard Busch wants to set the record straight around his use of the PornHub API docs. “People assume the only reason you’d read these docs is for streaming terrabytes of porn, like I’m some kind of pervert-at-scale, but honestly it’s cuz the docs are drop dead gorgeous. They’re on par with the quality of Stripe and Slack.” Richard explained that much of their quality comes from their simplicity, ease of use, actionable error messages, and fantastic tutorials that show how to integrate with every language you might need, including Brainfuck. He went on to express his frustration with the developers around him not understanding at all, and ostracizing him from a variety of local meetups. “I don’t get why this even needs an explanation. Anyone can put a picture of their butthole on the internet, it’s a lot more difficult to create documentation worth drooling over.”

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