Genius Can Print 'Hello World' in 56 Languages, Feels Confident For Upcoming Interviews

  • 12 October 2021
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After holing himself in a modern-day tower of Babel, the attic bedroom of his parents’ mansion, local genius developer Sy Lateur has emerged with the ability to code “Hello, World” in 56 languages. When asked for comment, the developer was swift to point to the skills section of his resume.

“Obviously, the basics are the most important part. Without being able to greet someone, you cannot even start conversing. The same is true for coding.”

The developer added he was confident these skills prove he is a jack of all trades. Quite the valuable asset to any organization unwilling to refine its tech stack.

“Basically any start-up should be champing at the bit to add me to the team. Who else would be able to step in and write 3 lines of code in any language?”

He was last seen marching away with a two-foot stack of resumes, presumably aimed at the Google office nearby.

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