PO Disappointed Odysseus is Taking so Long to Complete his Epic

  • 01 March 2022
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After 4 years, local PO Ashley Scharfburg is fed up with the lack of progress on Odysseus’s major epic. “Look I get it. Things come up, but this is what sprint planning is for. I just want to be kept in the loop if he’s going to go gallivanting off in the wrong direction for so long. When he mentioned a whirlpool, I thought he’d be out for a day installing a new dishwasher,” she said with an exasperated sigh. “I should have known he is a chronic under-estimator when he marked the Cyclops as a 1 point story.”

Ashley also cited frustration with stories rolling over and trying to keep the team staffed, since Odysseus has a habit of finding adventures where team members disappear. “He better be finished soon, otherwise he will end up on a performance improvement plan. I hate to do it, but being King of Ithaca doesn’t exempt him from being a team player.” Reviewing the board, Odysseus had only put one story in the next sprint: ‘Spike: Sirens’.

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