Rubber ducky dismayed as babbling programmer overlooks obvious O(n) solution

  • 21 October 2021
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Local rubber ducky Joanna Duckington is flabbergasted by the babbling programmer’s ability to dance around obvious solutions, seemingly without end. As our interview began, she dove into her frustrations with little need for prompting. “His approach has left me speechless, and not because I don’t have a functional mouth. He literally went over the notes for this algorithm yesterday, and somehow still overlooks the obvious O(n) solution.” The duck went on to explain her frustration has been building over the last hour or more, as the programmer fumbles his way back to the same solutions. “I do my best, but I’m not a magic oracle. I’m just a duck. The programmer keeps pleading with me for the answer, explaining his stupid approach and wishing I would fix it for him. That’s a lot of responsibility I didn’t ask for!” As our team left the interview, the programmer had looped their way back to the brute force solution yet again, eliciting a string of fowl duck curses echoing off the walls.

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