Come vent your frustrations through satire! All are welcome!

Our requirements for writers/contributors:

  • āœ… You like fun + ranting through jokes
  • āŒ prior experience satire writing
  • āŒ Pre-existing ideas
  • āŒ 6-pack abs

We can help with article ideas, writing, editing, and every other part of the process - you only have to bring the desire to have fun. Read the rest of this page for more info, and submit ideas in the form below ā¬‡ļø.

Still have questions? DM us on Twitter to get more info.

šŸ¤” What can I submit

Send us anything useful - whether that’s a topic we should cover, a headline you wrote, or a full 5000 page satirical essay on Python best practices.

We love a good laugh, so send it our way so we can chuckle at it, too.

šŸ¤Æ Prompts for your brain juices

Interested in satire writing, but don’t have an idea to use just yet? Never fear!

Check out our Ideas & Prompts page that is chock full of headlines that need some love and topics we’ve already selected as having a lot of potential. Give it a gander and see if you find something you fancy.

šŸ’”Content we look for

Broadly speaking, if it’s relevant to tech companies or the experience working in them, we are down for it. This includes:

  • Niche concepts for Developer/Product Owner/Agile/tech employee/tech-adjacent careers.
  • Items that sound like they could be on Hacker News.
  • Tech news that would show up on CNN.
  • … < Your amazing ideas go here! >

āš™ļø How the process works

  1. You submit your awesome material
  2. Editors eventually respond (we are slow and dumb, give us a little while to reply)
  3. We let you know next steps (editing process, not feeling the idea, or put it into prompt backlog)
  4. You became wildly famous on the internet*

*(You can choose whether or not you’d like attribution or to be anonymous)

šŸ’µ Will I get paid?

For a satire site? One that makes negative money?

šŸ˜¬ No, but don’t worry, we don’t get paid either.

This site is a labor of love and likely always will be, if the experience of other satire sites is anything to go by.

šŸ™ˆ Who are The Editors?

This is who will be reviewing your work and making snap judgements about your worth as a human being.

Two monkeys coding while smoking

šŸ’Œ Submit Ideas or Content

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